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N&N Market to reopen after three months of repairs and improvements to the store

KDLG/Tyler Thompson

Choggiung Limited closed the store closed to address some emergency plumbing and drain repairs. The company also used that time to inspect the building for further improvements. The "soft reopening" means part of N&N may not have much inventory at first. It has also partnered with a new grocery supplier. 

One of three grocery stores in Dillinghamclosed in August to addresssome emergency plumbing and drain repairs.

Now, N&N Market will reopen Wednesday morning, Nov 24 at 8 a.m.

Village corporation Choggiung Limited owns the store. President and CEO Cameron Poindexter said the “soft reopening” means parts of the store may not have much inventory at first.

“Key things being perishable items like dairy, meat and produce may see some shortages in those areas," he said. "But in the coming days, we expect to receive a whole lot of that stuff. We will be opening with some level of meat inventory but there’s more on the way. Additionally, we’re getting prepared to open our deli. That may not be open on day one, but we’re working on getting everything operational.”

Poindexter says the company used the closure to further inspect the 44 year old building.Parts of the electrical system needed updated and flooring was replaced.


“Along the way we found some structural repairs and decided to make a couple improvements from what we historically had, specifically in the meat department," he said. "So we’re excited for the community to see the remodeled store once again.”

Credit Izzy Ross/KDLG
N&N Market was also contending with limited access to the store this summer amid the state and city road's project.

Further upgrades and repairs will be made to heating and refrigeration systems. The store still has work to be done in the next six months, but can remain open at that time.

N&N also has a new primary grocery supplier. The store previously worked with the Minnesota-based company SuperValu. Poindexter says they have partnered with JB Gottstein in Anchorage. The store will have a new brand called “Signature Selects.”


“Strategically we felt it important to be able to replenish our inventory fairly quickly and JB seemed to be the right fit for us," he said. "And we call it a partnership because it is a business relationship of significant importance, because it will smooth out our inventory inside the store over time.”

The store plans to sell some of the remaining shelf stable foods and frozen products from the previous supplier at a discounted price as they transition to the new products.

Once N&N is fully stocked and operational, the company will invite community members to a grand reopening for some time in December.  

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