Pebble Mine


NDM says Kerrisdale Capital report based on "unfounded" claims, contains "numerous errors and unsupported speculation." NAK shares were driven down to $2.26 at close of trading Friday.

Kerrisdale Capital

Kerrisdale Capital report takes aim at Northern Dynasty, whose stock skyrocketed after Trump election. Investor says stock is "worthless," noting physical, political challenges of developing Pebble Mine.

State delays renewal of Pebble land use permit

Dec 28, 2016
State of Alaska DNR

Citing high number of public comments to log and review, DNR has extended the current permit by three months but delayed deciding on full two year renewal.


The Pebble Limited Partnership is asking the state to renew the land use permit for its mineral claims northwest of Iliamna. Pebble says it has no immediate plans for further exploration or ground-disturbing activities, but will continue to operate under “care and maintenance” status. Some are questioning just how good of care Pebble is taking at the site.

Pebble, EPA on the Hill in two hearings this week

Jun 22, 2016
Pebble Limited Partnership

Pebble CEO Tom Collier and Nunamta Aulukestai’s Kim Williams will speak at House committee on NEPA’s role in permitting process.

EPA region 10 head called to testify in House Science, Space, and Technology's ongoing look into agency work in Bristol Bay.

Credit Misty Nielsen

House oversight committee calling Region 10 Administrator Dennis McLerran to testify on agency efforts surrounding Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and 404(c) determination.

Retired EPA ecologist Phil North speaks out

Apr 4, 2016
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Phil North flew to Washington, D.C., last month for deposition in a Pebble lawsuit against EPA, and will stick around for a Congressional inquiry later this month. He spoke with KDLG Friday.

Pebble CEO Collier on importance of North's deposition

Apr 4, 2016

Retired EPA ecologist Phil North, who had been hard to find since 2013, arrived in Washington, D.C. to answer questions about his role in EPA efforts to protect Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale copper sulfide mining. Pebble CEO Tom Collier offers thoughts on why that may matter.

Pebble news updates

Mar 11, 2016

Sportsman groups ask Presidential candidates to take a position, a US House oversight committee calls foul on EPA IG report, and joint resource committee meeting in Juneau hears from Cohen Group. 

Dean Swope / KYUK

At meetings over the next two months, the US Army Corps of Engineers will hear from the public about Donlin's EIS, as that massive gold mine projects inches towards permitting.

Dave Bendinger

EPA Office of Inspector General's 16-month study of "obtainable records"  finds staff  followed agency guidelines in crafting Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment, proposed CWA 404c determination. 

Pebble withdraws subpoenas in lawsuit against EPA

Nov 24, 2015

Some opponents of the proposed Pebble Mine are off the hook when it comes to turning over email and other communications produced as part of their efforts to oppose the Pebble Mine.

Tom Collier addressed the annual Alaska Resources Conference last week in Anchorage.

Holland says the Pebble Partnership requests for communications between EPA and individuals, groups opposed to mine can come from agency easier than the third parties.