City of Manokotak implements fish tax

Jul 18, 2017

Manokotak implemented a fish tax this season as part of their annexation of Igushik.

Nick Ciolino/KDLG

The total run to the Nushagak  in Bristol Bay has surpassed the all time record for the district. Those who have spent many, many decades fishing at Nushagak Point weigh in on the unprecedented season.

Setnetters in the Wood River special harvest area are able to catch their daily two thousand pound limit with relative ease, during the record sockeye run in the Nushagak District.

Avery Lill/ KDLG

Red salmon hit subsistence nets hard in Koliganek this summer, but so far they are pulling in very few king salmon.

Allison Mollenkamp

Disparities between the king and sockeye salmon runs are creating challenges for management and frustration for Nushagak sport fishermen.

Zoey Laird

Father Victor Nick and his wife Lena pass down values of faith, family, and hard work each year when they bring their family back to fish camp in Dillingham.

Nick Ciolino / KDLG

The Fishing Vessel Bunchie began taking on water Sunday night while fishing in the Nushagak District near Ekuk. None of the four people aboard were injured.

photo courtesy of Karyn Marxmiller

On her first trip to Bristol Bay in 26 years, Karyn Marxmiller planned to assist her husband and sons' commercial fishing operation from shore. She ended up fishing for a week.

New Icicle CEO touring Alaska facilities

Jul 5, 2017
Cooke Aquaculture

Pal Angell-Hansen, who came from Icicle parent company Cooke Aquaculture, is checking out the dynamic wild-caught seafood operations in Alaska, including Bristol Bay. 

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Boats reported to be too heavily loaded with sockeye had problems overnight, though exactly what happened to whom is still unclear. State officials say all are accounted for, and no significant spills appear to have been caused.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 2, 2017

Jul 2, 2017
Nick Ciolino / KDLG

Yikes it's a little slow out there! A total Saturday catch of 50,000 sockeye, and less than 100,000 counted as escapement, and the total run inches past 8 million. West side set netters head into the Wood, Area M's North Pen fleet sits a few out, and fishermen everywhere wait for a big wall of fish.

Caitlin Tan / KDLG

With just 100,000 sockeye counted as harvest, and 65,000 counted as escapement, skippers and crew play the waiting game in Bristol Bay's largest fishing district.

Subsistence nets 'sunk' Tuesday morning in Naknek

Jun 28, 2017
Caitlin Tan / KDLG

After days of waiting for some action, subsistence fishermen on Naknek beaches were the first to find a push of sockeye Tuesday, some finding way more fish than they were hoping for.

The Nushagak run surges early, and maybe big too?

Jun 27, 2017

Bristol Bay’s westside district posts a million sockeye catch Monday, and both the Wood and Nushagak Rivers have met their escapement goals. The red run is off the charts, but the kings are lagging big time.

FRI trains the fishery managers of tomorrow

Jun 26, 2017

Grad students from three cooperating universities simulate managing the Bristol Bay salmon fishery as the run progresses.