Coast Guard Inspectors Arrive in Bristol Bay

Jun 11, 2013

The Bristol Bay sockeye fishery is about to get started in a big way in the next couple of weeks as fishermen get their boats in the water. As KDLG’s Mike Mason reports… the Coast Guard wants to take a look at your vessel to make sure it’s ready.

New Subsistence Schedule for Dillingham Beaches

Jun 10, 2013

New schedule from July 2-17 includes a full 24-hour period on the weekend. 

No King Count Yet from the Nushagak Sonar

Jun 10, 2013

1.6-thousand fish have been counted as escapement to the Nushagak River. However, we currently don’t know the species of those fish. KDLG’s Mike Mason explains.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released the season summary for the Togiak sac-roe herring fishery that came to an end on May 28th. KDLG’s Mike Mason looked it over for this report.

Mike Mason

For the last few week’s millions of sockeye smolt have been leaving the major lakes in the Bristol Bay region headed for the salt water. They will be back in a couple of years as the adult sockeye that power the Bay’s massive commercial fishery.

Michael Link

Millions of sockeye smolt have been exiting Iliamna Lake over the last couple of weeks headed for the sea. Earlier this week KDLG's Mike Masonn visited the ongoing smolt counting project and filed this story.

Chefs Collaborative

75 chefs have signed on with Boston-based Chefs Collaborative to host Bristol Bay sockeye salmon dinners to help raise awareness about the fishery.

The 2013 season will be the last season for one of the men that’s been a constant presence in the Bristol Bay commercial salmon fishery since the mid-1980’s. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Naknek-Kvichak District Preview

Jun 6, 2013
Michael Link

For the last few years the commercial fishing district in Bristol Bay with the largest harvest was the Naknek-Kvichak District. As KDLG’s Mike Mason reports… that trend is expected to hold true again this year.

Rising ocean temperatures are thought to be a factor in the large scale movement of fish stocks.  Using actual temperatures of harvested fish, scientists have now tracked the shift of warm weather species towards the poles.

Because fish are cold blooded, they are totally dependent on surrounding temperatures to stay alive.  And as they’re highly mobile, fish species will move to where the temperatures are most comfortable.  That’s the idea behind a study led by scientists from the University of British Colombia. 

Staff members with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are expected to head up the Nushagak River Tuesday to set up the sonar counting site near Portage Creek. The sonar will first be used to count king salmon. KDLG’s Mike Mason filed this preview of the impending king run to the Nushagak River.

That Alaska Board of Fisheries made several changes to commercial fishing regulations during the December meeting focused on Bristol Bay. One of the changes could result in fishermen in the Nushagak District being forced to change their gear at some point during the season. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Paula Cullenberg to Lead Alaska Sea Grant

Jun 3, 2013

A Bristol Bay set netter will take over the Alaska Sea Grant.  Paula Cullenberg will lead the program after serving as its associate director and as head of the Marine Advisory Program.

Herring Update... Kuskokwim Area

Jun 3, 2013

The large herring fisheries in Alaska have closed but there are still some smaller fisheries underway in the Kuskokwim area. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

Eastside Districts Open Monday Morning

Jun 3, 2013
Celeste Novak

The 2013 commercial salmon fishery in Bristol Bay officially opens up this morning at 9am in the eastside districts.