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Bogoslof erupted again Tuesday, and now the Takawangha west of Adak is active. It has no record of eruptions, but "energetic swarm" of earthquakes suggests magma below surface may be on the move.


On Tuesday, President Obama today put nearly all U.S. Arctic waters off-limits for future oil and gas drilling. The White House announced the decision in conjunction with a similar statement from the Canadian government covering its Arctic waters.

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Adak calls for residents to boil water

Dec 20, 2016

KUCB, Unalaska: The city of Adak is calling for all residents to boil their drinking water after their treatment system started malfunctioning. City Manager Layton Lockett says drinking the untreated water could make you sick.

“It’s like drinking out of a stream or a lake in that you might ingest some organisms that make your stomach upset,” Lovett said.

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Dillingham's 23rd annual and King Salmon's 31st annual Christmas Bird Counts are Saturday, December 17. Contact Kara Hilwig (Togiak NWR) or Melissa Cady (Becharof NWR) to participate.

Warmer temps and rain expected this week in Bristol Bay

Dec 12, 2016

Temperatures are climbing back towards the thirties, after several weeks of below zero weather. With the warmer air, some rain or a wintry mix is likely along the Southwest coast this week.

Low bull moose density jeopardizing 17C winter hunt?

Dec 6, 2016

Hunt still open, but Fish and Game has warned that the bull-to-cow ratio in areas near Dillingham is low, perhaps low enough to limit some hunting.

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The area around Port Heiden has experienced an unusual number of earthquakes since April. State Seismologist Michael West calls this cluster of quakes a swarm.

Naknek River will hit 27.6 feet Saturday evening, and change 29.4 feet Friday afternoon. The Nushagak River will top out at 24.4 feet on Thursday and Friday.


Researchers and fishermen alike use ShoreZone's online map to explore Alaska's coast online.

Chignik Lagoon Village Council

After two weeks of clean-up, the Packer's Creek hydro-electric power plant is running again. Heavy rains and erosion in mid-October disrupted operations at Chignik Lagoon's year-old alternative energy source.

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The Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea are a magnet for scientists who come to study everything from fur seals to migratory birds. When they leave, that research often leaves with them.

But for the last nine years, the local tribe has found a way to bring it back home. Each fall, a group of scientists return — not to do research, but to share its findings with the students of Saint Paul and Saint George Islands.

For the first time this year, a former student is now a teacher.

Dillingham's Heidi Kritz wins Brower Youth Award

Oct 19, 2016

Dillingham youth wins award for environmental leadership presented by the Earth Island Institute

Trash proving costly to burn at Dillingham landfill

Oct 17, 2016

Incinerator requiring roughly 200 gallons of diesel per day, much higher than expected. Types of trash and lack of sorting might to blame, but city wants options.

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This summer a clean-up effort in Togiak National Wildlife Refuge removed more than a ton of junk from the area.

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Winds mainly from the south could blow 20 to 40mph, gust to 60, with several inches of rain possible through Wednesday morning.