Three Alaska Peninsula volcanoes are restless

Jun 9, 2017
US Fish & Wildlife Service, R/V Tiglax

Bogoslof volcano has a new lava dome. Cleveland volcano continues to put up ash and extrude lava, and the alert level for Pavlof volcano was raised to "advisory."

Survey investigates Alaskan's attitudes towards wildlife

Jun 6, 2017

A new survey will measure attitudes towards wildlife among a thousand Alaska residents. It will be used to help ADF&G better serve the public.

KDLG/ Avery Lill

Four Dillingham residents are starting hives this spring. Unlike many in Alaska, they aim to keep their bees alive throughout the winter.

Stacy Hill

In an effort to keep their village clean and the landfill from becoming full, Igiugig regularly flies out plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Last year they backhauled 55,000 pounds of scrap metal. 


Aleutian tern counts have declined at their nesting sites in Alaska in recent years. Researchers are working to tag the birds with radio transmitters before they nest. That way they can determine whether the birds are nesting in new places or whether the bird's population is actually declining.

NWS says slightly warmer summer ahead for Bristol Bay

May 26, 2017

Also say "equal chances" of more or less rain than average. NOAA predictions call for big tides and tide switches ahead this weekend.

Brianna Nelson

The Nushagak River is at its lowest level in recent memory say residents of Ekwok, Koliganek, and New Stuyahok. Low water could make barge travel impossible and lead to problems with spring fuel delivery.

Kara Hilwig/ Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

Pilot-biologist Kara Hilwig took it upon herself to identify the brown moth species that is flying all around the town and tundra.

City of Dillingham to raise landfill fees

May 11, 2017

A new fee structure will be in place at the Dillingham landfill from July 1. The city hopes the new fees will be simpler and encourage more efficient garbage sorting. 

Dillingham ready for community clean up

May 4, 2017
KDLG/Lawrence Hamilton

Dillingham's community clean up takes place this weekend. Yellow trash bags are available around town and a special sharps container will be at the Dillingham Police Station for medical waste. 

Tier 3 public workshop held in Dillingham

May 2, 2017
Todd Radenbaugh/Flickr Creative Commons

The workshop's purpose was to gather public input on how the community felt about designating Tier 3 waterways. It was the only public workshop  to be held in regional Alaska. 

Ancient speartip leads to recognition for Round Island

Apr 28, 2017
Jeanne Schaaf

The 2004 discovery of a small spear-tip dating back 6,000 years helped lead to National Historic Landmark designation at the iconic island near Togiak.

A look at Dillingham's costly trash problems

Apr 24, 2017

 Burying trash is costly, as is burning it through the new incinerator. Sorting helps, if residents will do so, but the council seems poised to raise rates to help offset the expensive problem of managing trash.

Dillingham marches for science (slideshow)

Apr 22, 2017

Mother Nature made a rare cameo Saturday as exactly 100 people turned out at one of ten (known) March for Science rallies in Alaska Saturday.

Zoe Sobel / KUCB

Large clubhook squid washed ashore in Unalaska Monday, bringing a steady stream of onlookers for the rare sighting.