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It's been a cold start of the year in Bristol Bay — the wind pushed temperatures to -40 in some areas. But that subzero weather is on its way out. 

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Nushagak Cooperative's contentious hydroelectric project could lower high energy costs and tap into clean, renewable energy. But it would be built next to one of the region’s main salmon rivers in the nation’s largest state park. 


The Federal Subsistence Board voted Tuesday to pass a temporary special action reducing the bag limit for a herd that is vital to subsistence hunting in Southwest Alaska. 

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The Bristol Bay Regional Advisory Council  led a heated discussion about management of the Mulchatna herd at its meeting in Dillingham last week. It also voted to support four of five regional subsistence proposals and oppose one statewide proposal. 

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The Mulchatna herd was only half of the minimum population objective this year. Now a proposal to reduce federal subsistence harvest limits is on the table.

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It was an exceptionally hot summer. Heat records for water and land temperatures were broken. There were recorded sightings of dead animals washing up along the state’s coast. And just when everyone thought summer was over, a dead shark washed up in Port Heiden on the Alaska Peninsula.

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Ekuk lacks a designated landfill. Abandon vehicles were collecting trash and leaking fluids as they threatened the village's water supply. Delta Backhaul was hired for the cleanup.


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Units 17B and C are open for moose hunting. This season, river water levels are low and local bear sightings are prevelant. But those bears should not pose a threat to moose population.


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This year saw record-breaking temperatures in Bristol Bay part of a temperature trend that spans decades. As the waters warm, what could happen to the salmon?

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The Curyung Tribe has been recycling nets in Dillingham for years. This season, the program is getting a boost. 


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The elusive seals that reside in Bristol Bay’s Iliamna Lake have long been a mystery. While wildlife managers treat them the same as marine harbor seals, a new study supports what traditional knowledge has long held – that they are a distinct, freshwater population.

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The March for Science took place over the weekend. People gathered for the third year to raise awareness of science on a local and global level. But what impact do such events have in small communities? 

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If the project is approved, the National Park Service plans to construct a trail and viewing platform that overlooks the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes in August 2019.

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The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation discovered another Bristol Bay well contaminated with perflourinated substances.

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Chemicals used in firefighting foam have leached into the popular well at Dillingham’s Holy Rosary Catholic Church. The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation determined Thursday that the water is unsafe to drink.