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A U.S. District Court ruling reverses a 2019 decision by the Trump Administration, which withdrew the EPA’s 2014 proposal for protections. This restarts the 404c Clean Water Act process.



National Weather Service

A winter weather advisory is in effect in the region from 4 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Sunday, mainly in areas north and west of Dillingham. 


NOAA/National Centers for Environmental Information

Clear skies and a cold air mass have pushed the temperatures at the King Salmon airport to record lows. But Bristol Bay may experience wetter and milder weather heading into October.

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The letter says fishermen in Alaska are aptly positioned to contribute to conversations related to an executive order the Biden Administration introduced in January.

Ashe Christensen

Since 2000, the Bristol Bay Native Association has offered annual internship opportunities for Native students with a focus on biological and social sciences. The experience provides a unique learning opportunity, and a window into scientific research.  

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Erosion research goes one step further in Dillingham. A permanent tide gauge will be instilled at the city dock. 

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Ekuk operates differently than other set net beaches in the bay; fishers rely on trucks to carry their catch to the local processor. As fishing in the village evolved with technology and product demands, so has the coastline. Rapid erosion threatens structures and setnet sites across the beach.

Katmai National Park and Reserve

The campground will open to 30 people at a time this summer, starting on June 1. Park officials say they are working with federal, state and local health authorities to try to increase access to the campgrounds and monitor COVID-19.


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Researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks will travel to Dillingham this week to continue erosion research in 11 of Bristol Bay’s coastal communities.


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The 30 year average amount of precipitation is usually around 0.7 inches according to data collected by the weather station, making last March over three times the norm. 


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Larry Van Daele was named chair in January.  His membership on the board expires this summer, and he won't be reappointed. Van Daele talks about his time in Southwest Alaska and the history of a crucial caribou hunt.

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Reiley brings experience as a biologist and technician in several states researching birds, grizzlies and black bears. He recently received his PhD in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Illinois.


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When Pebble’s federal permit proposal was rejected last year, several of Bristol Bay’s Tribal and regional entities renewed calls for permanent protections at the region’s headwaters. Earlier this month, those groups introduced a two-step plan, or “The Call,” to do just that. 

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A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 6:00 p.m. Monday, and gusts are expected to reach up to 70 mph after midnight, with widespread rain and snow showers.

Katmai National Park and Reserve

Bear 747 was named the winner of Katmai National Park's Fat Bear Week competition, defeating 32 Chunk in the finals.