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Dillingham will have a familiar face as the new Middle-High School principal next year: Theresa Laville. Laville is currently the school’s Director of Climate and Culture. The school board will vote on whether to hire Laville March 15.


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A school renovation project that was supposed to finish months ago left the Bristol Bay Borough school looking for class space. Organizations around the borough stepped in to offer makeshift classrooms — a welcome solution during a particularly bumpy year.

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Superintendent Jason Johnson said the quick return to in-person learning shows the mitigation strategies of the school and community are working. That also opens the possibility to keep students in the classroom throughout the year — even if someone at the school is exposed to COVID-19.

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After two months of distance learning, Dillingham’s classrooms re-opened for a short couple weeks before switching back to remote instruction. Kindergartners shared their thoughts on being back in school during this brief window of normalcy.

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When New Stuyahok shifted to a mix of in-person and distance learning as a safety precaution, the school took the opportunity to incorporate subsistence into the classroom. 

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The seven cases in the City of Dillingham are travel-related. The school district's change to distance learning comes just two and a half weeks after students returned to in-person classes in mid-January. 

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The school will operate at the low risk level and function as it did before it switched to distance learning in November.

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The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation officially designated the school district as high-risk on Thursday and school is cancelled Friday. The Dillingham area has seen a significant rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, although none have been identified within the school.


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Lake and Peninsula students went back to school at the beginning of the month, amid a range of safety and health precautions due to COVID-19. Among the staff, teachers and parents making that possible is the district’s superintendent. Just before the school year began, he was chosen as Alaska’s superintendent of the year. 

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School starts on Monday! There are going to be some changes this fall for students, staff, teachers and families. 

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The start of school is around the corner. Here’s a rundown of what families around the region can expect, and resources where they can learn more


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For kids in Bristol Bay, summer is a time to explore, fish and hang out with friends. The pandemic has changed summer activities for everyone. But Dillingham’s annual culture camps went ahead — with a few adjustments, and a few unexpected benefits have come out of a tough situation. 

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The fishing season -- and summer vacation -- are underway. The school year was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Dillingham school district is working to determine what the fall will look like for students and staff.

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The Bristol Bay Borough School District is rolling out its homebound instruction tomorrow. Dillingham expects to update its original plan this week.