Dillingham police have recovered much of what was stolen, and Ramey may face up to seven charges related to the overnight crimes.

45 Days in Jail For Meri Burkhardt

Oct 3, 2013

Meri Jeanne Burkhardt, 34, was sentenced Thursday for her role in sending oxycodone tablets to Dillingham last April.

2 Arrested for Importing Whiskey to Togiak

Oct 3, 2013

Mike Etuckmelra Jr., 44, and Benita Nanalook, 26, are in custody. 30 bottles of whiskey were seized at Nanalook's Togiak home Wednesday.

Josh Savo Guilty in Domestic Violence Assault Case

Oct 2, 2013

Savo was convicted of assault in the fourth degree and interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime, and will spend four months in jail.

Tells Bristol Bay Borough police that his use of meth and cocaine is to blame for his actions.

Togiak Man Charged with Felony Importation of Alcohol

Sep 30, 2013

DILLINGHAM:   Ross Greenley, 27, of Togiak, was arrested Saturday at the Dillingham Airport and has been charged with felony importation. 

Authorities say Greenley was preparing to board a flight back to Togiak, and in boxes he was transporting were 12 bottles of R&R whiskey, and three bottles of Burnett’s vodka, all of which was presumably for sale in the dry village.

In total there were 11.25 liters of alcohol in Greenley’s luggage for the flight; after 10.5 liters state statute requires the importation be charged as a felony.

A jury did not agree with the state's charge that Charles Akelkok, 39, had slapped and strangled his girlfriend on January 16th in New Stuyahok.

Vaughn Clark Arrested in Anchorage

Sep 27, 2013

DILLINGHAM:  Vaughn Clark, 37, was arrested Wednesday in Anchorage. He was pulled over by Anchorage police on a traffic violation, and was arrested pursuant to a warrant issued a week earlier.

Clark is alleged to be behind the shipment of 6 grams of black tar heroin to Dillingham earlier in September. Clark was aware of the warrant issued for his arrest but had refused to turn himself in, though he has stated he had nothing to do with the heroin trafficking.

DLG Resident Speaks Up on Drugs: Enough is Enough

Sep 27, 2013

A facebook posting by Patty Luckhurst led people to a court hearing last week in drug case, and started a conversation around town. She continued that conversation this week with KDLG News.

Following a ten month investigation, Anchorage WAANT says Martin is on the hook for 30.8 grams of meth and 39.3 grams of cocaine shipped to Naknek.

An effort is underway to allow Village Public Safety Officers in Alaska to carry guns. VPSO’s are currently precluded from being armed but the shooting death of a VPSO officer in the Bristol Bay region earlier this year has resulted in an effort to change the rules. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

Unalaska: Five Arrested in Undercover Drug Sting

Sep 26, 2013

Five people are facing felony drug charges after being arrested Tuesday in Unalaska. KUCB's Ben Matheson has more...

Felony Importation Charge for Manokotak Woman

Sep 24, 2013

Twyla Gloko, 26, was arrested Monday after boarding a flight to Manokotak with a large amount of alcohol in her bags, authorities say.


Authorities found six grams of heroin they believe Cherilyn Serradell was hiding in a body cavity; Vaughn Clark, 37, allegedly arranged the shipment to Dillingham.

State of Alaska

Another senior official in the administration of Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is stepping down. Last week it was DNR Commissioner Dan Sullivan now it’s Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters.