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Bering Straits Native Corporation to Give Out a $500 Elder Dividend

Bering Straits Native Corporation

In recent years many of the Regional Native Corporations in Alaska have been exploring ways to help support elders. This often results in special “Elder Dividends”. Last week the Board of Directors for the Bering Straits Native Corporation voted to issue a one-time special dividend of $500-dollars. The dividend will be paid to original Bering Straits Native Corporation shareholders who were 65 or older on February 14. BSNC notes that checks will be mailed this Friday. In a prepared statement, BSNC Board Chairman Henry Ivanoff stressed that the Corporation honors the contributions of elder shareholders.

“This special dividend is given in thanks of those who have given so much to our communities and our people.”

The Bering Straits Native Corporation was formed in 1972 and there are currently over 71-thousand shareholders. The Bering Straits region encompasses the majority of Alaska's Seward Peninsula and the coastal lands of eastern Norton Sound. The Corporation owns and manages nearly 2 million acres of subsurface estate of land selected by 17 village corporations in the region. The Corporation is headquartered in Nome.