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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: June 25, 2017

Caitlin Tan / KDLG

Egegik catches put that district past a million on the season, and the Nushagak's 2.5 million total signals a run that's way early coming in way bigger than expected. Total harvest now 2.05 million, and Bristol Bay total run now 3.8 million through Saturday. We check in with Area M's Bob Murphy on the fishing in the North Pen districts, and find out how Togiak herring are being served in during a big promotional week in Seattle.

Area M North Peninsula management biologist Bob Murphy gives us an update on the fishing efforts there, plus a market in Seattle is dishing up some of this year's Togiak herring. The Nushagak run is screaming, Naknek-Kvichak is waiting, and those minus tides left a dozen or so boats high and dry.

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Credit Caitlin Tan / KDLG
Pushups to pass the time at Peter Pan Naknek.