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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 10, 2016


Did Port Moller just peak, and what does that mean for the 2016 run? We try to figure that out, and we step back to think about how much Alaskans love salmon.

Through Saturday, the total run to Bristol Bay is at 21 million fish. 15 million of that caught, including 1.3 million harvested yesterday. Another 712,000 counted as Saturday's escapement, season total escapement, 5.4 million.

And if Port Moller is any indicator, quite a few more fish should be on the way. Scientist Michael Link joins this afternoon to tell us about July 8 and 9 being the top days for catches there. We also take a moment to pause from the chaos of the run and just think about salmon, with help from Naknek set-netter Melanie Brown and a few other contributors to "Made of Salmon." Plus, lots of numbers and a long letter from a retired fishing mom who is home with the grandkids this summer.

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