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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 4, 2016


6.4 million harvested this season, the total run is 9 million, and the two billionth salmon is coming soon. FRI's Curry Cunningham helps analyze the run size and timing so far. 

Sunday's harvest was 1.4 million sockeye, bringing the season total 6.4 million. With escapement and in-river estimates, the total run to Bristol Bay through midnight on July 3 is 8.9 million. If the run comes in at its preseason estimates for 46-50 million, it's now several days late. 

Sunday's harvest: Ugashik 238,000 (1157 sockeye per avg. drift delivery); Egegik 321,000 (928); Naknek-Kvichak 473,000 (743); Nushagak 400,000 (645).  

Registrations: Ugashik 245 drift permits, +20 in 48 hours. Egegik 368 today, +1 in 48. Naknek-Kvichak 560, +57 in 48. Nushagak 409, -2 in 48. Togiak 39 registered. 

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Credit University of Washington Fishery Research Institute

Credit KDLG
Martha Wassily's Saturday subsistence effort on the lower Wood River yielded an impressive number of kings. "We went out for maybe five or six, and I think we got 50 or 60," she said.