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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 29, 2016


Tonight we hear that catches are still slower than hoped in the Nushagak District, a 5-year-old fills us in on Finding Dory, and a real meterologist gives our weather report.

Bristol Bay's run topped 3 million fish yesterday, and the catch is at 2.2 million. There are 1,518 permit holders fishing the bay as of Wednesday afternoon, on 1,206 boats. The Nushagak fleet was the largest contributor, harvesting 210,000 sockeye on Tuesday, out of the bay-wide catch of 403,500. Naknek-Kvichak is still waiting for an opener - just 22,272 fish harvested there all season and nets have been out of the water for several days.

A new round of Port Moller genetics showed that Egegik expected to have 36 percent of the weekend bump headed its way, 17 percent to the Wood, 15 percent to Kvichak 12 percent to Ugashik, 6 percent to Ugashik, 5 percent to Naknek, and smaller amounts to the rest of the bay, and beyond.

Today we talked to Meterologist Michael Kutz about the storm that might be headed to the Bristol Bay, heard from some of the drifters in the Dillingham harbor today, and got one processors' take on the waiting game in Naknek-Kvichak. Plus, a little summary of Finding Dory from Eagle River friend Clara Jo Lean.

Credit Courtesy of Rollman Crew
The Rollman crew takes a photo break in the Nushagak District. Send a photo of your crew to

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Credit KDLG News
Local boats wait in Dillingham's harbor on June 29, 2016.