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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 16, 2015

Matt Martin/KDLG

Naknek-Kvichak strong catches are daily records, and a long-time fisheries reporter says there's been less chatter about the market than usual.

DILLINGHAM: Yesterday's baywide catch was 2.3 million sockeye, bringing the season total to 27 million fish. The total run, including escapement, is estimated at 39 million fish.

Fish and Game's Chuck Brazil says that when the season winds down, the total run could still be in the high 40-million fish range.

Yesterday's Naknek-Kvichak haul was a record for July 15 - 1.4 million fish - the fifth consecutive day there with a record harvest. Sockeye per delivery there was 869 yesterday.

Egegik fishermen landed 329,000 fish, bringing their season total to 6.7 million, and Ugashik fishermen caught 268,000 for a season total 4.1 million fish. Ugashik still leads in fish per delivery, at 1,310. For Egegik drifters, it was 782.

On the westside, yesterday's Nushagak catch was 297,000; season total, 4.6 million. And the Togiak catch was 2,000, season total 94,184. Nushagak drifters delivered 755 sockeye per delivery, and Togiak was at 93.

Today's the last day with a waiting period in any of the four major districts. Transfers to Nushagak and Ugashik don't have to wait as of 9 a.m. tomorrow; Egegik and Naknek-Kvichak opened up earlier this week.

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