About the Salmon

So... You're curious about our salmon, huh?

First off, they were designed by the talented Bristol Bay artist - Apayo Moore.  

Here's the deal with the salmon:  The images depict the lifecycle of a single Sockeye Salmon; from smolt (baby) Salmon, to mature Pacific Salmon (...the delicious ones you buy at the store), and finally to the spawned-out Red Salmon. 

Credit epa.gov

Bristol Bay is Salmon:  The Bristol Bay Watershed consists of 5 major river systems and is home to the world's largest run of sockeye salmon.  About 50% of the world's Sockeye Salmon come from Bristol Bay. (see photo) Every year, millions of Sockeye (Along with Coho, Chinook, Chum and Pink) Salmon return from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean & the Bering Sea to spawn in the exact rivers and streams in which they were hatched.  (Did you know there were so many different types of salmon!?)  

Sustainability:  We who live in the Bristol Bay region are familiar with, and very proud of the sustainable lifecycle of our salmon.  If you enjoy eating salmon, but have never seen one in person, know this; there's more than one way to raise a salmon.  (Hatcheries & Fish Farms)  Contrary to some other sources of Wild Alaska Salmon, Bristol Bay salmon go through the entire lifecycle all on their own; this means no hatcheries and no fish farming!

Industry:  The salmon fishing industry is - by far - the largest industry in Bristol Bay.  Annually, about 10,000 - 12,000 fishing and processing jobs are dependent on the salmon run.  Recent estimates place the total after sale value of the entire Bristol Bay Sockeye fishery at $1.5 Billion.  

If you'd like to know where you can buy sustainable Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon, visit www.bristolbaysockeye.org