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July 4 Is The Perfect Day To Reveal Summer-Feel 'Morning Edition' Theme


And a few months ago, we asked you, our listeners, to have a little fun with our theme music. Many of you submitted unique compositions, variations on our standard theme. And throughout today's show, we're featuring a sampling of those submissions. Now in honor of the Fourth of July, here's a take that has a very upbeat summer feel.


MONTAGNE: This version was created by Mike Boggs. He is a multi-instrumentalist and the core of the Washington, D.C. band We Were Pirates.

MIKE BOGGS: If you listen to the original, there's so much going on, so I immediately found the riff in my head that I thought could kind of stand alone and then just came up with a little bridge section.


MONTAGNE: And if you listen there closely, you can hear a few subtle notes from cellist Kate Rears Burgman. Once Boggs started working on the theme, he brought it to Burgman for her thoughts.

KATE REARS BURGMAN: The moment that he pressed play, I just burst out laughing because it sounded so much like the same kind of stuff that he would normally write, but almost like I would have to stop him and say, hey, Mike, this new song that you wrote, I think you're copying this melody that BJ Leiderman actually wrote (laughter) and said, yeah, I think it's the MORNING EDITION theme song because it just sounded it could be both things at once.

MONTAGNE: Big thanks to Mike Boggs and Kate Rears Burgman of We Were Pirates. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.