Bristol Bay Fisheries Report

Nightly at 6pm, replayed at 10pm and 2am, with an early broadcast at 1:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday

The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, produced by the KDLG news crew, is dedicated to the one-of-a-kind commercial fishery in Bristol Bay. Starting this year on June 18, the show airs nightly at 6 p.m. (with an early broadcast at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday), with replays at 10 p.m. and again at 2 a.m. Join hosts Avery Lill and Austin Fast for the latest news, numbers and information from the fishery, plus nightly analysis, stories and conversations.

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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 4, 2016

Jul 4, 2016

6.4 million harvested this season, the total run is 9 million, and the two billionth salmon is coming soon. FRI's Curry Cunningham helps analyze the run size and timing so far. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 2, 2016

Jul 2, 2016
Hannah Colton/KDLG News

Today, Scott Raborn reminds that the only thing we know for sure is that the run is never quite what we expect, we check on the age of fish returning so far this summer, plus a salmon ecology lesson at Lake Clark.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 1, 2016

Jul 1, 2016

Tonight a Ugashik set-netter tells us he'll fish despite some stormy weather this weekend, Area Manager Paul Salomone updates on Egegik and Ugashik numbers, and we check-in on a Kuskokwim dilemma.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 30 2016

Jun 30, 2016
Stu McTaggart allowed use of his photo "only for the fame"

Tonight we hear about an opener in the Naknek-Kvichak District, summer school has started at Ekuk - and take a quick look at the state's seafood marketing budget.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 29, 2016

Jun 29, 2016

Tonight we hear that catches are still slower than hoped in the Nushagak District, a 5-year-old fills us in on Finding Dory, and a real meterologist gives our weather report.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, June 28 2016

Jun 28, 2016

Jumpers in Naknek-Kvichak, Port Moller catches were weak, genetic composition from June 23 shows Egegik, Ugashik, and Wood River strongest, Bob King says that 2,000,000,000th fish is coming, and more.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, June 27 2016

Jun 27, 2016

Fisheries Research Institute's Curry Cunningham provides some analysis on this run timing, Scott Raborn has interpretation of Port Moller catches, and a wooden boat skippers tells us why he installed RSW.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 26 2016

Jun 26, 2016
Hannah Colton/KDLG News

Today we check-in on the drift fleet preparing to leave Dillingham, hear about the count at Ugashik and delve into a book

Courtesy Nancy Mendenhall

A new book on Northwest fisheries started as a family history, and morphed into a tome on fisheries issues throughout the world.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 24 2016

Jun 24, 2016
Robyn Chaney

Tonight Fish and Game's Paul Salomone tells us about things picking up in the Egegik District, we hear about an internship program getting local youth into fish science and research, and drifter Lange Solberg updates on the waiting game in Naknek-Kvichak.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 23 2016

Jun 23, 2016
Gregg Marxmiller

Dear Bristol Bay – we’re pretty sure you hit a million sockeye total run today; 40-some-odd-million more to go, and Port Moller indicates a few more should be on the way. Plus, we hear about how power plants could produce ice on the side.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 22 2016

Jun 22, 2016
Cate Gomez/KDLG

Nushagak catches and boat counts at the top, and Naknek-Kvichak manager Travis Ellison explains that he's waiting for more fish in his district. Plus, a drifter tells us about efforts to organize in hopes of improving prices.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, June 21 2016

Jun 21, 2016
Cate Gomez, Tara Henry

There's a little bit of fishing around the Bay as the run slowly takes shape, plus Togiak herring are making a huge splash in Seattle this week.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, June 20 2016

Jun 21, 2016
courtesy Mike Davis

A little Egegik and a little Nushagak catch, and the F/V Pandalus is weathered out two days in a row. We'll use the lull to talk to Area M North Pen. AMB Bob Murphy, and Kate Mitchell from NOMAR in Homer.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 19, 2016

Jun 19, 2016

Nushagak District set netters' first opening pretty slow, the drifters head out today. Reaction, plus the latest from Tim Sands, and skipper Michael Jackson (F/V Lovely Kelly J) tells us about the BBRSDA townhall meetings.