University of Alaska Board of Regents Repeals Bonus Offered to System President

Sep 9, 2014

The University of Alaska system Board of Regents agreed this week to repeal the retention incentive that was previously approved as part of the system’s president’s new contract.

Credit University of Alaska System

The bonus was equal to one year’s salary at $320,000.  However, after a summer filled with outrage, protesting and petitioning from University of Alaska students and faculty, Pat Gamble asked the board to rescind the bonus they offered him. 

Public affairs director for the University of Alaska system Kate Ripley says Gamble needed the board to officially rescind the bonus because they were the ones that offered it.

“His feeling was that while it was certainly offered with good intentions it was very difficult to justify in the public eye as we’re in the midst of some current expected budgetary challenges.  That made it difficult for him.”

Ripley says the timing was bad for the bonus.    A professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks started a petition in the hopes of changing the board’s mind.  It received 1400 signatures. 

The board met this week in Anchorage and the motion passed 9-1.  One regent was absent on preapproved leave.