Three stranded on trail to Levelock returned safely

Jan 10, 2017

State troopers say Danielle Dobkins, Ivon Washington, and Paul Chukwak spent two unexpected nights out in cold temperatures after a 4-wheeler broke down between Naknek and Levelock.

KDLG:  A search and rescue wrapped up Tuesday morning with three people returned safely to Levelock.

Danielle Dobkins, Ivon Washington, and Paul Chukwak, all in their forties, had made a trip to Naknek by 4-wheeler Sunday morning, and had broken down on the return trip on Sunday evening. 

They were stranded near Coffee Creek, and called for help Monday when they realized no one else would be coming by. When contact with authorities by cell phone was lost, the trio decided to begin hiking the remaining distance to Levelock.

State troopers say Chukwak had been unable to continue the hike after a few miles, but Dobkins and Washington continued on, leaving Chukwak behind with a bottle of vodka. Dobkins and Washington took shelter in an abandoned cabin, and volunteer searchers from Levelock found them there at around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday.

At first light Tuesday, a state wildlife trooper from King Salmon flew in search of Chukwak, finding him alive and in fair shape. Chukwak was picked up in the Super Cub and flown to Levelock.

State troopers say the three were making a booze run to Naknek, and attribute some of the problems encountered on the trail to alcohol.