SWAMC Members Approve Several Resolutions

Feb 27, 2013

The members of the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference approved several resolutions during their annual meeting last week in Anchorage.

The resolutions range from opposing genetically modified salmon to supporting revenue sharing between the State and municipalities.

In regards to G-M salmon the members of SWAMC are urging the Food and Drug Administration not to make a final decision regarding the new salmon until the Congress has fully examined the issue. The resolution also expresses the members opposition to AquaBounty's petition to produce what the company is calling the AquaAdvantage Salmon. Another approved resolution urges Alaska's Congressional Delegation to work to secure federal revenue sharing from Alaska's offshore oil and gas developments. The resolution also calls for the Alaska Legislature to pass legislation to share those revenues with Alaskan communities. In regards to energy the SWAMC members are calling on Governor Parnell and the Alaska Legislature to fund and support programs that provide immediate assistance to the Southwest Alaska region. Programs mentioned include PCE, bulk fuel, energy efficiency, and weatherization. Another approved resolution calls for continuation of the current revenue sharing program in Alaska at a minimum of $85-million dollars.     The SWAMC members are also calling for full funding for the State's municipal harbor facility grant program and a new redistricting plan for the state that honors the traditional socio-economic ties in the Southwest region. In other SWAMC news Dillingham Mayor Alice Ruby was elected as the new vice president and Louise Stutes from Kodiak was elected President.    

Credit SWAMC