Shooting at beach bonfire party in Chignik Bay lands man in custody

Aug 9, 2016

A beach bonfire in Chignik Bay at the end of July took a turn for the worse when a man allegedly fired a shotgun at other party goers.

Harry Halsey, 40, who says he lives in Chignik Bay but keeps a Fairbanks mailing address, faces a total of ten charges relating mostly to fear assault and reckless endangerment.

State troopers in King Salmon were notified on Friday July 29 that a bonfire in Chignik Bay the night before had gotten out of hand, and that a heavily intoxicated Halsey had brandished a knife and even fired a shotgun at others.

According to the troopers' sworn affidavit, witnesses said Halsey was getting rough with his girlfriend, and when others intervened he pulled the large knife and lunged at them. He then sped off in a vehicle after saying he was going to get a gun. When he returned, he pulled a .12 gauge shotgun out and racked the action. Troopers say the gun went off, perhaps while other men were trying to subdue Halsey. No one was injured.

Halsey himself was treated for injuries to his face and head that night by medical personnel in Chignik Bay, and was arrested the following day.

He was ordered held on $10,000 bail at his arraignment and has another court date later this week.