Possibly rabid fox sighted on Wood River Road, cautions ADF&G

Oct 6, 2017

With reports of a fox behaving aggressively near Wood River Road, ADF&G area management biologist encourages caution.

Red fox kit in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
Credit Kristine Sowl/ Alaska Region USFWS


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Dillingham has received reports of a fox behaving oddly along Wood River Road this week. A bicyclist reported that the animal has been somewhat aggressive, snarling and snapping its teeth. It has followed a car and tried to bite the fender, and it has also been seen foaming at the mouth.

“All of these signs are kind of indicative of an animal with rabies, to be honest,” said Neil Barten, area management biologist with ADF&G. “He hasn’t seen it again, but there’s a lot of foxes around. I just want people to understand that if they see a fox acting funny, being unafraid, even approaching them, do not approach the fox and stay away from it."

In addition to posing a health risk to humans, rabid foxes are also a danger to pets. Barten recommended dog owners ensure their dogs’ rabies vaccinations are current. If you spot a fox that may have rabies you can report it to the ADF&G office in Dillingham at 907-842-2334.

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