Police looking for suspected thief

Oct 17, 2016

Michael Kohler, 28, is wanted on several warrants. Last seen walking away from Jake’s Place, after allegedly stealing keys, ATM cards, and a cell phone.

DPD asking for the public's help to find Michael Kohler, age 28, wanted in connection with numerous thefts.
Credit DPD

KDLG: Dillingham Police are hoping the public can lead them to Michael Kohler, 28, who is wanted on numerous warrants, mainly for theft and forgery.

DPD says Kohler was released from jail to Jake's Place on October 7 for drug abuse treatment. On October 12, during a field trip to the Alano Club, Kohler walked off. Before he went, it appears he took the Jake's Place van keys, facility keys, two ATM cards, and a cell phone from residents' property left in the van.

While he was in jail, police interviewed him about several other cases. Chief Dan Pasquariello described those in an email.

In one case, "a man reported that Kohler stayed at his residence and stole two checks from him. The checks had been forged and a total of $500 was stolen from the man’s account. Kohler admitted to forging the checks, and then having other persons cash the checks for him, giving him the money," said Pasquariello. He's facing forgery and theft charges in that case.

Another person reported to police that "Kohler had stolen his ATM card and made numerous withdraws from his bank account, totaling $680.98.  Kohler admitted taking the man’s ATM and making the withdraws."

A third case involved a forged check as well. "A man reported that Kohler had asked him to cash a check from the Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust, but the bank refused to cash the check. The check had been stolen in the Aleknagik Building burglary on September 30, 2016. Kohler admitted forging and asking the man to cash the check. He stated that he had found the check inside of a Delta Western truck, and denied being involved in the burglary," said the chief.

Pasquariello says the theivery is tied to drug use. Anyone with information about Michael Kohler's whereabouts is asked to call DPD at 842-5354.