MySpace likely funded through the end of 2017, thanks to grants and donations

Mar 3, 2017

Finding funding for the MySpace Youth and Wellness Center in Dillingham has been difficult since its original CANDU grant ran out in 2015. But SAFE Education and Outreach Coordinator, Gregg Marxmiller, says that, thanks to grants and donations, he is confident that the center's funding will be sufficient at least to the end of 2017.

Credit Safe and Fear Free-Environment, Inc.

The Myspace Youth and Wellness Center says that thanks to donations and grants, the center expects to stay open through at least the end of the year. Myspace was founded nearly 6 years ago as a place for students to come after school, hang out and eat a snack or a meal. But the original CANDU grant that funded the center ran out in 2015. KDLG’s Avery Lill has more.