Moose hunt in 9C now requires federal permit

Sep 8, 2015

The regulation change should clear up confusion about overlapping state and federal subsistence hunts, says Refuge manager. 

Credit ADFG

A special action by the federal subsistence board now requires a federal permit to hunt moose in Game Management Unit 9C -  the portion draining into the Naknek River from the South - within the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge.  

Refuge manager Susan Alexander says this change was made to clear up confusion in the area where state and federal subsistence moose hunts overlap.

"The state hunt dates are shorter than the federal subsistence hunt," explained Alexander. "The state hunt is open September 1-15, and the federal subsistence hunt is open August 20 to September 20, so it’s open before and after the state dates."

Alexander says previously, hunters needed a state registration permit to hunt in Unit 9C, but the dates on that permit did not include the beginning and end of the federal subsistence season, causing confusion.

"So all we’ve done is change that from a requirement to have a state registration permit to a requirement to have a federal registration permit that will have the correct dates applicable to the federal hunt."

Again, the federal subsistence hunt in unit 9C is open through September 20. Those federal permits are available at the Refuge headquarters in King Salmon.