McLerran to testify at Thursday Congress hearing on Pebble

Apr 26, 2016

House oversight committee calling Region 10 Administrator Dennis McLerran to testify on agency efforts surrounding Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment and 404(c) determination.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Region 10 Administrator Dennis McLerran during a public meeting in Dillingham in 2013.
Credit Credit Misty Nielsen

KDLG: The head of EPA Region 10 Dennis McLerran will be in front of Congress this week to defend the agency’s actions to block the Pebble Mine.

The House oversight committee on Science, Space, and Technology scheduled a Thursday hearing called “Examining EPA’s Predetermined Efforts to Block the Pebble Mine Part II."

At a first hearing in November, the committee called former defense secretary William Cohen, Pebble CEO Tom Collier, and former Alaska Senate president Rick Halford, a Pebble opponent, to testify. Earlier this month former EPA staffer Phil North appeared before the committee as well.

The committee is chaired by Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican.