Ludwig Ole Hansen III, 21, Arrested for Forgery and Theft in Naknek

Oct 2, 2013

Tells Bristol Bay Borough police that his use of meth and cocaine is to blame for his actions.

DILLINGHAM:  In the past few months, law enforcement officers have been saying that petty crime is on the rise in Bristol Bay, which they attribute to a rise in drug use. Drug users, say some officers, are turning to theft and burglary as they scramble to find ways to fund their habit.

That is essentially what Ludwig Ole Hansen III, 21, of Naknek, told police was the case when he was arrested last Friday. Police said Hansen wrote and cashed a check he stole from Shirley Olsen; Hansen is facing three felony charges, two for theft and one for forgery, and an additional misdemeanor theft charge.

In his report, the arresting officer said that Hansen attributed his actions to a substance abuse problem. He admitted to using methamphetamines and cocaine the week of the alleged crimes, and further told police that he uses heroin, marijuana, and drinks alcohol.

Stealing, in any case, is bad enough, but here seems particularly reprehensible. Shirley Olsen told police that the theft happened after she had opened her home to Hansen and Stevi Angansan last Monday night, after Angasan's home had burned down.

So grateful for the hospitality was Hansen that he allegedly then stole four checks and an unemployment insurance debit card from Olsen.

Police say Hansen wrote one check for $297.57, and cashed it at Naknek Engine Sales. He purchased some gasoline and took the remainder in cash.

When arrested Friday, Hansen admitted that some of the money in his pocket was indeed from cashing that check. He also had the debit card and drug paraphernalia on his person, according to police.

Hansen has a 2011 conviction for selling marijuana on his record, and a previous felony theft conviction dating to 2010. In the latter case, Hansen stole a car stereo, speakers, and an intake system from the school's auto shop, but said he had been too drunk at the time to know what he was doing.

The 21-year old is being held at the King Salmon jail on $2,500 bail, and will need a third party custodian to be released from custody.