Lime Hills Wildfire Jumps Fire Line Near Lime Village

Jun 21, 2013

One of the state’s largest fires continues to threaten the interior community of Lime Village, aproaching as close as a half mile on Thursday. The raging wildfire  jumped across established fire lines Thursday to burn 80 acres near the village. Francis Mitchell is a Public Information officer with the division of Forestry.

"A local storm came in, from the northeast with some wind and a little squall.  It caused a break near the village.  Air tanker retardant drops and smokejumpers went in late Thursday and were able to catch the break," said Mitchell.

Fire officials sent in 3 loads of retardant and 300 buckets full of water. The fire did not cross the Stony River, which is protecting the community of 29 from the over 96 thousand acre fire. Flames grew as high as 40 feet as they devoured black spruce. Thanks to the storm, the blaze showed extreme fire behavior like backing – that means running against the wind or downhill.  Over 50 hotshot firefighters are on scene as the fire enters its 4th week.

"They were feeling pretty confident of it being safe.  There was a little panic with this breakout, of course.  I don't think there's an alarm at this's mainly to keep the fire where it is," said Mitchell.

One of the hotshot crews, the Midnight Suns, will move east to build a contingency line southeast of the village.  The Gannet Glacier crew will remain near the village. A team from Shageluk will patrol around 100 feet from the edge of the burnout line.