Grass fire spread quickly Wednesday off Dillingham's Wood River Road

Apr 15, 2015

A grass fire burned several acres and destroyed at least two structures Wednesday at mile three on Dillingham's Wood River Road.

A grass fire that may have been started near the Wood River Road spread quickly Wednesday afternoon, claiming at least two structures and other property. A dozen or so members of the Volunteer Fire Dept. were joined by at least 15 others from the community who worked with hand tools to stop the spread.


KDLG: The Dillingham Volunteer Fired Department turned out Wednesday afternoon to battle a quickly spreading grass fire off Wood River Road.

"When we got here, the building was burning. It had burnt in from the outside but had some burning in the roof area... it's probably a 12 by 18 small building, small home. Pretty heavy damage to the roof and to the inside. And then some other stuff in the yard has been burnt over badly," said Asst. Fire Chief Malcolm Wright, speaking to KDLG News just after the fire was contained.

The call went out at 3:52 p.m. Wright said the dozen or so volunteer fire fighters were quickly joined by at 15 additional community members, who worked with hand tools and water pumps to contain the fire. 

The fire was put out by 5:30, and the Fire Department reported the scene was clear of firefighting equipment by 5:48.

No one was harmed by the flames, but one firefighter was taken to the hospital with asthmatic conditions. 

Rose Fisher was among at least 15 members of the community who grabbed wildland fire fighting gear and helped contain the quickly spreading fire Wednesday off Wood River Road.

Pete Andrew of Dillingham used shovels, rakes, and a fire flapper to help snuff out the grass fire that was quickly spreading Wednesday off Wood River Road.