The Dillingham School District Reaches a Deal with Classified Employees

Feb 26, 2013

The Dillingham City School District has reached a new collective bargaining agreement with many of its employees.

Credit Dillingham School District

The new agreement is for the School District’s classified employees, which basically includes all employees who are not teachers. The announcement of a deal was made during Monday night’s Dillingham School Board meeting.  

Bill McLeod is the School District Superintendent.    He says the new collective bargaining agreement is similar to the previous agreement with the classified staff.      However, during his report to the Board he noted that classified staff will be getting some additional money.

"We negotiated a one time, off the salary schedule, bonus to the classified staff in the amount of $1,900 and we are keeping the same salary schedule for the next 2 years."

The new collective bargaining agreement takes effect immediately and will be in effect through June of 2014. The new agreement outlines how employees accrue vacation and sick time and stipulates that the District will continue to compensate employees at the wage level last in effect. The new collective bargaining agreement also includes the details of the employee’s health care coverage and retirement plans.