Crowds turn out for N&N fire sale

Oct 21, 2016

The N&N market drew bargain hunters today as it reopened its doors temporarily for a fire sale.

Credit Avery Lill

The N&N Market in downtown Dillingham reopened temporarily this weekend for a fire sale, following the October 9 arson and burglary. Prices were slashed 50 to 90 percent to liquidate inventory ahead of a complete restocking of goods. About a hundred were in line to get a first crack at the merchendise when the store opened at 9:00 a.m this morning.

Simuka Trusty arrived five minutes before opening time, and when she got there the line was already to the road. She has gotten some good deals, she says, especially on clothing, which does not show any visible signs of fire damage.

“I mean, all it needs is to be washed,” says Trusty. “I know a store can’t just go home and wash this stuff and then bring it back and sell it. 90 percent off—woo-hoo!”

Shoppers pushed their way through crowded aisles, navigating traffic jams, pushing tubs, trashcans, and totes to carry mounds of goods. Rachel Grodin pushed her baby in a carriage and filled the bottom with groceries. She says that the carts were all gone by the time she got the store a few minutes after it opened.

Steve Wassily stood in line with a small bucket of short ribs, eggs, chicken wings, and noodles. While he is saddened by the burglary and arson, it doesn’t seem to dampen the overall mood of excitement.

“I think it’s great, but it’s sad that it came to this. But this is better than what they call that Christmas Bizarre. This is a better sale,” Wassily says. “I think we need more sales. This is great to see the whole community out.”

By afternoon, checkout lines still stretched far into the back of the store. It had already been an exhausting day for employee, Norman Johnson. He had been working since 8:15 a.m., and the store had busy all day.

“Think of Moses and the people leaving Egypt, but coming into the store,” he says, describing the constant stream of shoppers.

The N&N Market fire sale continues all weekend. Management says it will be at least a month before the store resumes regular operations. A $3000 reward is still being offered for information on who committed the arson and burglary.

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With 20 minutes remaining until the store opened, the line stretched to the street.
Credit Gina Carpenter