Cocaine Seized Enroute to King Salmon

Aug 23, 2013

Bristol Bay Borough Police and Anchorage WAANT busted a Naknek man traveling with 4 grams of cocaine, a gun, and brass knuckles.

DILLINGHAM:    The Bristol Bay Borough Police, working with the Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team office in Anchorage, busted a 33-year old Naknek man preparing to travel from Anchorage to King Salmon with four grams of cocaine. He also had a gun and a pair of brass knuckles.

The man has not yet been arrested, nor has his identity been released, on account of what authorities describe as ongoing investigation. He is facing several felony charges relating to the drugs and weapons.

According to the Borough Police, this bust comes as a result of several weeks of investigation. The police coordinated with Anchorage WAANT when the Naknek man traveled to Anchorage earlier this week, and WAANT made the bust before he returned. The investigators caught up with him at Lake Hood on Thursday, where he was preparing to board a small plane. WAANT's K-9 Duncan detected drugs in the man's bags, and after a warrant was obtained, investigators found the weapons and cocaine.

Whether the cocaine was personal use or for sale in the community hadn't been determined by authorities as of Friday morning.

The man provided more information to WAANT investigators in Anchorage, which they shared back with the Borough Police. The police took a warrant to the man's house in Naknek Thursday and found a small marijuana growing facility. As of Friday morning, they were continuing to catalog just how much pot had been seized.

The 33-year old, described as a local resident of Naknek, is expected to be arrested following the investigation.