Chefs, Nonprofit, Team Up To Serve Sockeye Across the US

Jun 7, 2013

75 chefs have signed on with Boston-based Chefs Collaborative to host Bristol Bay sockeye salmon dinners to help raise awareness about the fishery.

Chef Josh Lewin's Bristol Bay sockeye "Salmon Tartare", Beacon Hill Bistro, Boston.
Credit Chefs Collaborative

DILLINGHAM:  Not all consumers, or even chefs for that matter, know the different choices they have when it comes to ordering salmon. And outside of Alaska especially, knowledge of Bristol Bay, the fish that come from here, and the fishermen who catch them, runs a little thin.

Partnering with dozens of chefs, a Boston-based nonprofit is hoping to change that. As KDLG's Dave Bendinger reports, they'll be hosting special dinners across the country this summer to help raise awareness of Bristol Bay's wild salmon.