Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 9, 2016

Jul 9, 2016

Fish are hitting Naknek-Kvichak. Setnetters are wide-open in the Nushagak. Will today be the first two million fish catch day of the season?

Nushagak set-netters mostly reporting slow catches.

Was Saturday the first day with a 2 million fish harvest? We'll update you tomorrow. Today what we know is that the total run to Bristol Bay through Friday: 19 million salmon. Friday’s catch was 1.8 million – season total 13.6 million. Naknek-Kvichak posted almost half of that, about 800,000! Escapement for rivers counting – 752,000 on Friday – season total nearly 5 million.

This afternoon we delve into slow coffee point catches, and the rest of the Nushagak District news. Plus, lots of numbers, and some other fish news.

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