Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 2, 2018

Jul 2, 2018

Big catches just keep rolling into the Nushagak District-- 1.6 million sockeye harvested on Sunday. Meanwhile, Port Moller numbers suggest that east side districts could see an uptick in fish soon.

Ben Simpson works on attaching a brailer bag to a hold. A deckhand on the F/V Spy, he describes fishing during this record breaking weekend on tonight's fish report.
Credit Mitch Borden/KDLG

For the third time this season, the Nushagak District netted more than a million sockeye on Sunday. Yesterday's catch of 1.69 million reds is second only to Saturday's record setting 1.77 million catch in the district's history.

On tonight's show we talk to Curry Cunningham of the University of Washington's Fisheries Research Institute about the Nushagak District run that is tracking slightly early and the east side district runs that are lagging a bit behind. Also, area management biologist Tim Sands explains possible conservation measures to boost Nushagak River sockeye escapement.

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At the Dillingham boat harbor Monday, a couple deckhands wait to get back on the water. They missed fishing this weekend because their skipper broke his leg.
Credit Mitch Borden/ KMXT