Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 19, 2016

Jul 19, 2016

Ugashik, you broke the "since we started counting" catch record. Baywide, the total run is climbing toward the pre-season forecast. And another major processor joins the 75-cent club.

Luki Akelkok takes a break from the windy Nushagak District in the Dillingham Harbor on July 19, 2016.
Credit Cate Gomez/KDLG

The total run to Bristol Bay is 42.8 million. Monday’s catch baywide was 1.4 million, season total 32 million. Another 358,000 counted as escapement, bringing the total to 10.5 million. Escapments are still climbing - most counting towers still going strong - and catches continue too. So it's looking like the run could still come close to the pre-season forecast. 

But the biggest news is in the Ugashik District, where the total catch this season of 5.7 million is more than has ever been caught there before. Fish and Game's Paul Salomone updates on that, and the eastside towers; we hear from some Nushagak drifters about their season so far, and what's to come - be it silvers or retirement. And a quick look at a party planned in Dillingham this weekend.

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