Bristol Bay and Beyond, September 4, 2015

Sep 4, 2015

Celebrity edition: Obama's in Bristol Bay, Bear-ack Obearma draws crowds at Squaw Creek, and former NFL players, too. Plus, preserving tips for fall harvest ... 

If you just handed the US President a spawning salmon, what else can you but laugh? Mae Olson and Barack Obama took the most unexpected moment of his stop in Bristol Bay in stride Wednesday.
Credit Clark Fair

There have been a few celebrities this week. Dillingham appreciate their own version of a Katmai Brooks Falls as a little brownie has grazed the grass and fished Squaw Creek near the Airport Y.
Credit Marilyn Rosene

Coming up on the "celebrity edition" of Bristol Bay and Beyond, we’ll sit down to speak with President Barack Obama (nope, kidding; the President took no questions from Alaska media this week!) Nevertheless he made quite an impact during his three hours in Dillingham Wednesday, and we'll get reaction from two commercial fishermen.

What about that other famous mammal drawing crowds this week? The young brown bear, now affectionately known as Bear-ack O-bear-ma, became a fan favorite at the makeshift zoo at the Airport Y (with signs and plenty of media attention, too). We hear he's still alive, and we'll ask wildlife authorities if they plan to leave him that way. 

Plus a handful of former NFL players were in Bristol Bay last week; their visit was slightly overshadowed by the President, but they made a unique impact with the kids, too.   Those stories, plus tips for preserving your garden harvest for the winter with Patricia Carscallen, coming up after a look back at the week's news.

Friendly (enough) and with a wounded face, this little brown bear has drawn quite the crowds, his own signs, and even plenty of media attention this week.
Credit Clark Fair
Some "welcome to Bristol Bay Mr. President" were better than others. Tip of the KDLG hat, guys.