Bristol Bay and Beyond, July 1, 2016

Jul 1, 2016

This week, no commercial salmon fishing in Kusko, reaction to the Governor's budget vetoes from some of you and Rep. Bryce Edgmon, plus culture camp at Kijik.

That certain hour of the day ... these youngsters know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting shoreside on Lake Clark.
Credit Hannah Colton

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Bristol Bay and Beyond, July 1: While the salmon run here seems sure to break wide open soon, the Kuskokwim’s commercial nets will stay dry this year on account of no buyer for the catch. "The runs are shaping as such that we could provide some commercial opportunity, the resource is there, we just need to have it all put together," says ADF&G's Aaron Poetter in Bethel. Plus this week, Governor Bill Walker vetoed $1.2 billion dollars from the state’s budget and cut PFD checks to $1000 this year, just ahead of calling lawmakers back for their fifth special session. Representative Bryce Edgmon joins for reaction, and to talk over the difficult choices ahead. "There's no way out of this without using at least some portion of those earnings reserves, and maintaining the basic services that we know today." We’ll get reaction from some of you on those vetoes as well. And we visit to a very unique culture camp way, way up there in Lake Clark, where kids get their hands dirty learning about their ancestral homelands. Stick around, one of those youngsters sings us out. Those stories, after a look back at some of the week's news.

Unicorn Gardens in Dillingham is having a tremendous early start this year, with fresh veggies for sale in June that normally aren't offered till July.
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Who is the soloist that nailed the National Anthem at the end of this week's show? That would be Darius Harried, 18, of Nondalton. Tip of the hat from us!
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Patricia Carscallen tells us her gardens on Unicorn Lane are doing wonderful this year, thanks to the warm spring.
Credit Dave Bendinger

Third generation Coffee Point set netters waiting on the first and second generations to hurry along for Wednesday's evening opener.
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