Boater arrested for DUI on the Kuskokwim

Jun 28, 2016

Napakiak man was drunk, dragging a passenger around who was hanging on to the stern of a leaking boat.

KDLG: Wildlife troopers in Bethel reported a strange situation that resulted in an arrest Sunday on the Kuskokwim River. Officers observed a skiff that was driving in circles with its bow high, dragging a person that was hanging on from the stern of the boat.   

The operator refused to stop, and a brief pursuit ensued on the river. Troopers say the vessel was disabled by pulling the gas line from the outboard motor, but did not specify who pulled it. 

The vessel also had about 10” inches of water inside and was continuing to take on more.  

The two men were identified as operator 22-year-old Kyle Paul and passenger 20-year-old Randy Lupie, both of Napakiak. Both were highly intoxicated, but were also both wearing PFD’s, according to troopers.

Paul became combative during the arrest, and allegedly spit saliva directly into the mouth of a US Fish and Wildlife Service officer assisting state troopers. Troopers say Paul was charged with failing to yield, boating under the influence, refusal, and harassment.  Lupie was transported to YKCC for sleep off.