Bering Sea storm brings high surf, flood watch to Norton Sound region

Aug 25, 2015

NWS warns water to reach peak midday Wednesday; Unalakleet Mayor not too concerned about flooding.

An early season fall storm out of the Bering Sea is bringing strong winds, heavy rain, and high surf to Western Alaska.
Credit National Weather Service

High surf advisories remain in effect through Thursday for the Norton Sound region, in an early fall storm that’s bringing strong winds and heavy rains to much of the Western Coast.  

Bill Johnson is  Mayor of the City of Unalakleet. He says even with the high surf, this storm shouldn’t pose as much of a flood risk as past storm events that have hit later in the fall.

"In the past, our highest tides would usually come in November, so when you add the bigger 6-8 foot surge we’d be in more danger of flooding," explained Mayor Johnson. "With this one having tides that are only 3-4 foot, with a surge of 4 feet, I think we’re pretty well protected."

Mayor Johnson also noted the early timing of this fall storm also means there are more fishing boats in the water, so residents should take care to secure their boats better than usual.

A flood watch remains in effect for the Norton Sound and Nulato Hills area until Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service says water levels will likely reach peak levels around midday Wednesday.