Barefoot Bandit continues to evade Dillingham police

Nov 20, 2014

It's been a month, but police can't catch up with Reece Johnson, wanted for the theft of a Playstation in October.

DILLINGHAM: Police are seeking information on the whereabouts of Reece Johnson, 19, who is wanted in conjunction with a burglary on October 20. Johnson allegedly broke a window to gain access to an apartment in the HUD housing area and stole a Play Station 4. 

Police later recovered the gaming console, but have yet to apprehend Johnson, despite several sightings and one long foot chase.

Johnson was spotted near the high school on the evening of November 5, and three officers gave chase. At some point Johnson lost his shoes, but the barefooted bandit successfully eluded the officers.

"He ran from the high school, down to Nushagak [Cooperative], then downtown, ran by the city dock, and back to Nushagak," said Chief Dan Pasquariello. "He eventually went for the tree line on the tundra. They always do," he said.

The chief said there was some good-natured ribbing going on at the department aimed at the empty-handed officers.

"Hey, so long as they come back with a grass or mud stain somewhere on their uniform, then I know they tried," said Pasquariello.

Johnson has kept out of sight for a month. He's wanted on charges of burglary, theft, and criminal mischief. Police are asking for information (842-5354) on his whereabouts.

On Wednesday night, Dillingham police officers found themselves in another lengthy foot chase for a different suspect. Weylin Nelson, 20, fled on foot into the open tundra after police attempted to contact him pertaining to an investigation. Four officers, including Chief Pasquariello, kept up the pursuit, and Nelson was apprehended an hour later. He was arrested for repeat underage drinking.