Access to Nerka subdivision from Lake Road closed for repairs

May 18, 2018

The road into the Nerka subdivision, coming from Lake Road, was closed Friday for repairs. Dillingham Public Works anticipates that it will take a few days to fix a couple of large, muddy holes.

Credit Emily Hulett

The City of Dillingham is making repairs to large, muddy holes on Nerka Road past the Bigfoot grocery store, coming from Aleknagik Lake Road. The public works department anticipates that the repairs will take several days, and the road will remain closed during that time.

The growing holes have been a source concern for neighborhood residents. Phil Hulett, who lives on Nerka Road, said portions of the road were nearly impassable.

“There’s two different sections,” said Hulett, describing what he calls sink holes. “They’re the whole width of the road, and they’re about three foot across, maybe a little bit more than that and probably about 18 inches deep. It’s all a squishy, sinking mud. It’s pretty nasty.”

Dillingham Public Works asks that drivers use alternative routes in and out of the subdivision for while it makes repairs.

The Bigfoot grocery story remains open, and the Dillingham Emergency Medical Services and Fire Department confirmed that they will still provide service to the Nerka subdivision. Response times may be slowed as emergency vehicles will access the neighborhood via Waskey Road only.

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