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The last emperor goose subsistence harvest was closed in 1987. Now, 30 years later, a spring and summer subsistence hunt and a fall and winter sport hunt of these birds has been approved.

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Last week a Dillingham resident reported seeing a drone flying near his residence and around his neighborhood. As flying drones becomes an increasingly popular hobby, it can lead to questions. Can a drone fly through a persons yard? And what rights does a property owner have if one does?

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Five years ago, three orcas died in the Nushagak River. One was pregnant, and Bristol Bay area scientists, students, and educators have been working to make a  plastic model of the fetal orca's skeleton.


Kylen Moore, 15, was killed when his snow machine crashed on Monday.

Lake Clark National Park

Since 2000, Ted Krieg has worked for ADF&G's Division of Subsistence, researching subsistence practices in Bristol Bay.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Alaska House of Representatives  passed a resolution last week urging Congress to approve the land swap and construction of the road. The state Senate is deciding whether it will support the resolution as well.

FBI National Academy

The Unalaska Police Blotter was discontinued this year. For about a decade, it captured international attention with its reports of everything from vampirism to animal mischief. 

Anna Hoover

Anna Hoover's film The Last Walk is set and filmed in Naknek. She recently screened it for the first time and the Skábmagovat Film Festival in Finland .

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

Fisheries biologist,  Mark Lisac, is retiring after 32 years with the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.


Kyrstin Arellano will serve as an AmeriCorp volunteer for one year, developing programs for youth in Dillingham.

Zach Fansler for State House

Representative Zach Fansler along with Scott Kawasaki  and Chris Tuck introduced a bill last week that promotes voluntary, statewide prekindergarten programs.

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This year's Sockeye Classic basketball tournament wrapped up on Saturday with the Dillingham Wolverine boys and the Bristol Bay Lady Angels in first place.


Area employers turned out for the BBEDC career fair to talk with students from elementary school to high school about job opportunities.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Alaska Department of Fish and Game will conduct in-person household surveys in Dillingham in the coming weeks about subsistence fishing of king salmon in the Nushagak River.

Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation

Born January 12th, Elias Nelson Nanalook is the first baby born at the Kanakanak Hospital in 2017.