Gasoline spill in Dillingham under control, says City

Mar 12, 2015

Alaska DEC being kept apprised of city's efforts to clean up approx. 242 gallons of gas spilled behind DPS building.

Bears out?

Mar 12, 2015
R. Wood, NPS

The poor winter may mean bears are waking up earlier but it could also make hunting them this spring more difficult.

Kijik Corporation has partnered with mining company AES to explore the Groundhog project near Nondalton.

Nushagak Caribou Hunt Hindered by Low Snow

Mar 3, 2015
Courtesy of Fish & Wildlife

With just one caribou reported so far, the winter's harvest will likely fall short of the season's 250-animal quota.

With a month left in the season, the Nushagak Peninsula caribou herd will likely go mostly un-hunted this winter. Listen to the story here: 

The winter caribou hunt on the Nushagak Peninsula began on December 1st. Togiak Refuge wildlife biologist Andy Aderman said hunters have reported just one caribou from the season. People traditionally access the peninsula by snow machine, he said.

Josh Edge, APRN

Zirkle sits down with Annie Feidt next Thursday on Outdoor Explorer. Catch it on KDLG AM 670 at 9 p.m.

Iditarod Trail Invitational

Feb 17, 2015
David Johnston

On the next Outdoor Explorer, we’re talking about the Iditarod Trail Invitational race, which claims to be the longest winter ultramarathon in the world. Thursday at 9 p.m. on KDLG AM670.

Glaciers in Southwest Alaska making rapid retreat

Feb 9, 2015

Pair of scientists studying glaciers in Ahklun Mountains say climate change causing glaciers to melt faster than ever before. 

Photo by Karl Friedrich Herhold, accessed via Wikimedia Commons.

On Thursday's Outdoor Explorer, join host Charles Wohlforth for a discussion of an activity as old as Alaska itself. Listen tonight at 9:00 p.m. on AM670!

How much debris litters Alaska's beaches?

Feb 5, 2015
Photo courtesy Chris Pallister

With government funding from Japan, plans are being made to pick up hundreds of tons of plastic marine debris that has been gathered from Alaska beaches.

NPS Photo - Kent Miller

Public, written comment taken at the meeting scheduled Monday 7-9 p.m. at Dolly's Hall.

Earthquake "swarm" shakes Pribilof Islands

Feb 2, 2015

More than a dozen earthquakes, some over 5.0 magnitude, have been recorded between St. Paul and St. George since Friday.


KDLG:  Mishka, a sea otter rescued last summer near Port Moller, was safely relocated to the Seattle Aquarium and made a debut public appearance Sunday.

The now six-month-old has been under the care of the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. She was found as a newborn, tangled in a fishing net last July in Port Moller. Staff at ASLC say Mishka now weighs a healthy 26 pounds, and has transitioned from a bottle-fed formula to a diet of capelin, surf clams, crab, mussels, and squid.

Mount Polley dam failure blamed on poor design

Jan 30, 2015
Ministry of the Environment

Engineer report points to embankment design as cause of disastrous tailings pond failure at copper, gold mine in B.C. last year.

GMU 17A winter moose hunt extended

Jan 30, 2015
courtesy Togiak Refuge

Citing low harvest opportunities, state and federal officials will keep the hunt open through Feb. 28.

NOAA says No to proposed Aleutian Sanctuary

Jan 27, 2015

The federal government has turned down a request to create a vast marine reserve around the Aleutian Islands.