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Togiak man escaped custody Sunday, says AST

Feb 27, 2017
courtesy Alaska State Troopers

Search continues for Justin Forbes, 27, who escaped Togiak jail following an arrest for domestic violence assault.

Lindsay H. Sifsof, 26, was arrested after police say she admitted to drinking vodka for several hours before driving from Aleknagik to Dillingham, a trip that prompted REDDI calls from other drivers.

Alaska State Troopers

Joe Hiratsuka, 81, Thomas Hiratsuka, 58, and Katherine Nielsen, 48, ran out of fuel on snowmachine trip from Dillingham to Koliganek. They were found by AWT helicopter search Thursday morning in fine health.

Aleutian Islands Photography

KUCB, Unalaska: A small airplane landed on its belly Tuesday at the Unalaska airport. No one aboard was injured, but the accident shut down the runway for about four hours.

KDLG:  Donald P. Johnson, 23, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a reduced charge of attempted second degree theft and was sentenced to 60 days in jail. Johnson was one of five suspects charged in the theft of more than a dozen firearms from a Dillingham home in October. 

Dillingham Dept. of Public Safety

Found passed out at the wheel, "drooling on himself," convicted felon recently banished from Togiak was in possession of 1.4 grams heroin, a concealed pink handled pistol, and close to $8,000 cash. Moore was admittedly "high on the supply," says DPD.

KDLG:  Dillingham Police charged a 22-year-old woman with possession of methamphetamine, and the same woman was charged with importation of alcohol to Togiak, a dry village.

Shania Clark has been a person of interest to law enforcement in Togiak, but not in Dillingham. The house she was staying in has been of interest to police, however, and a search warrant was served there the evening of January 16 looking for a firearm involved in an armed burglary case.

Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Members worn down by high number of calls and frequent abuse by drunk individuals. BSAR says the number of calls for help, almost all alcohol-related, has spiked since legalization of alcohol sales in town.

Benny Kevin Leon Angasan, 24, facing two counts of second degree sexual abuse of a minor for alleged rape of young victim more than a dozen times between 2013-2015.

Schlosser pleads in gun theft case

Feb 2, 2017

Given 300 day jail sentence in return for plea to misdemeanor theft charge. State says still prosecuting four other men involved in theft of 17 guns last October.

Law enforcement warns again of thieves targeting elders

Jan 30, 2017

Police, troopers encouraging heightened sense of suspicion and self-protection, and is asking that family keep an eye on vulnerable elders. Scams, thefts targeting quick cash to "support habits," says DPD.

Coast Guard called in for Togiak medevac

Jan 30, 2017

KDLG: The US Coast Guard was called to medevac a crash victim from Togiak this weekend.

State troopers confirmed that 58-year-old man was involved in a snow machine accident Saturday, and weather conditions prevented a local air medevac service from responding out of Dillingham.

Togiak Village Police say the man was testing a snow machine on a nearby trail, and a truck following behind him collided when the snow machine stopped abruptly.

Dillingham to get new prosecutor this spring

Jan 25, 2017

Daniel Doty, currently an Anchorage municipal prosecutor, will move to town and take the reigns from current ADA Pamela Dale by June 1.

Egegik man sentenced in huge Southeast meth case

Jan 25, 2017

Drug mule Jason Alto, 21, of Egegik caught May 30 with three pounds of meth on board the ferry Kennicott. US District Court Judge Timothy Burgess handed down 20 month jail sentence with five years probation.

Clark bail held at $500,000 in Olsen murder case

Jan 25, 2017

Attorney asked for lower bail, in part citing "weak charges" against his client Clark. State disagrees, saying case is strong. Clark was indicted for the Feb. 2015 murder of Ella Olsen in Dillingham.