Mitch Borden

Small processors carve out a market in Bristol Bay

Large seafood companies buy and sell most of the sockeye caught every summer in Bristol Bay, but there are a lot of small businesses that sell fillets right to customers all over the country and finding some success doing it. KDLG visited some of these small processors to talk shop.

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Courtesy of Elma Burnham

"Strenth of the Tides" pledge promotes safety of women who fish

Elma Burnham started the website "Strength of the Tides" to help women find safe boats to fish on and keep people accountable for making the fishing industry a better place for women to work.

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You've likely never heard a big fish tale like this

Jul 27, 2018
Austin Fast / KDLG

Every season comes with its big fish stories, but Dillingham's Allison O’Brien told KDLG’s Austin Fast about a different kind of big catch that altogether derailed her one morning last week.

Mike Jones

A man is still missing and fuel is leaking from the wreckage after the F/V Pacific Knight sank near Clark's Point on Wednesday. This afternoon, ADF&G closed commercial fishing in the Nushagak District due to risk of spilled fuel contaminating fish and fishing gear.

Bruce Ilutsik

The United States Coast Guard recieved a report this morning: The F/V Pacific Knight, a 58-foot seiner and long liner operating as tender in Bristol Bay, capsized near Clark's Point. One person is missing.


Anthony Active, 39, fell from a set net skiff on Monday. His body was found washed onto the beach Tuesday morning.

How much Bristol Bay processors will pay for salmon

Jul 24, 2018
Mitch Borden / KDLG

The question on every Bristol Bay fisherman’s mind at this point in the season is base price: How much cash am I going to get for my salmon?

Happy Fishtival 2018!

Jul 24, 2018
Avery Lill/KDLG

How does Bristol Bay celebrate being 8 million sockeye over the preseason forecast and counting? With music, toddler races and a fish fillet contest at the 36th annual Fishtival in Naknek.

Mitch Borden

Seafood processors across Bristol Bay in the summer rely mostly on the judgment of college students to determine the caliber of sockeye they're buying from fishermen. KDLG's Mitch Borden spent a day on the salmon tender F/V Muskrat to see what goes into grading these salmon — and keeping fishermen honest. 

Mitch Borden / KDLG

Many Bristol Bay salmon processors give bonuses to fishermen who can chill the fish sitting in their boat’s hold. That’s not so easy, though, when ice is in short supply. 

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 20, 2018

Jul 20, 2018
Mitch Borden / KDLG

Bristol Bay’s salmon run surpassed its preseason forecast Wednesday and hit 54.9 million on Thursday. How much longer will this incredible run keep trucking along? We look into it on our last regular broadcast of the Bristol Bay Fisheries Report this summer.

Rice County Jail

Tanner Savo, 19, was arrested in Minnesota last week on three charges related to the sexual abuse of a minor.


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